Choosing where to stay in Lisbon is an important decision that will have a big impact on your experience of the city. Whether you are exploring Lisbon on a weekend break, a business trip or combining the two on a workation, a memorable hotel will add so much to your trip. And Lisbon is a city where many great memories can be made! While working remotely in Lisbon, I stayed at three My Story Hotels in the heart of the city. Each had its own special charm, and I left feeling enriched and satisfied with my experience.

In this article I review my experiences at My Story Hotels Figueira, Tejo and Rossio in Lisbon.

Disclosure: My Story Hotels provided me with a complimentary stay at each of the hotels reviewed in this article, and I may make a small commission when you book via this site. We always give honest opinions when reviewing hotels regardless of compensation, and strive to give genuine travel recommendations.

My Story Hotels: a quick background

My Story Hotels has a fleet of five hotels in Lisbon city centre. While this technically makes it a ‘chain’, it doesn’t have the feel of a chain in the way you might expect.

Each My Story Hotel in Lisbon has its own personality and style. While each location is in close proximity, everything is different, from the bedroom decor to the breakfast spread. Sometimes it’s a particular personable touch that distinguishes one hotel from the others, and sometimes it’s the view. But no two of my experiences were the same.

My Story Hotels Figueira entrance side view
Each My Story Hotel has its own special style and charm

One thing I found that My Story Hotels did have in common was their charm. As suggested in the name, they have been designed to make the hotel stay an integral aspect of the experience in Lisbon, and part of the memories you will take away. From the welcoming smiles at reception to the thoughtful incorporation of Portuguese traditions, all three of my hotel stays added an extra dimension to my time in Lisbon.

Alex Trembath remote working Lisbon
Working remotely in the La Squadra restaurant and café at My Story Hotel Figueira

Clustered around the Baixa and Rossio districts in the heart of the city, My Story Hotels are ideally located to explore the attractions of Lisbon. The captivating old neighbourhoods of Alfama and Biarro Alto are short walks away.

I also found the hotels to be a very convenient base for remote working, with good wifi on site, desks and seating areas, and quick access to transport connections to get to coworking spaces in Lisbon whenever I wanted a change of scenery.

So, let’s take a closer look at each of the My Story Hotels I tried in Lisbon.

My Story Hotels in Lisbon: my experience

My Story Hotel Figueira

My Story Hotels Figueira building

  • Location: Praça da Figueira (Figueira Square)
  • Features: Italian restaurant and bar
  • Great for: remote working, couple’s getaway

The buildings chosen for My Story Hotels each have some historic significance in Lisbon, and reflect the atmosphere and spirit of the city.

My Story Hotel Figueira is set in a majestic blue-and-white-tiled Portuguese townhouse building overlooking Figueira Square. It is a visually impressive setting, and the most prime location for exploring the city.

Walking into the hotel you enter straight into La Squadra, a beautiful high-ceilinged spaced that acts as a restaurant, bar, café and breakfast room at different times of day. It also serves as the hotel lobby, and it was here I received a warm welcome from the reception staff.

My Story Hotel Figueira bedroom

Hotel bedroom dressing gown

My Story Hotels Figueira bedroom desk coffee machine

At each My Story Hotel I visited in Lisbon, the standard of cleanliness in the bedrooms was extremely high. Everything was spotless!

At My Story Hotel Figueira I was also delighted by the extra touch of a complimentary pack of pasties de nata, the famous Portuguese egg custard tarts that originated in Lisbon. Little details like this make such a difference in making a stay memorable.

The decor was stylish without being overstated. A rustic wooden desk was just right for me to put in a shift of photo editing in the evening, with ambient lighting and a coffee machine to boot.

When it came time to switch off, the bed was super comfy, with a digital TV system on the wall opposite.

My Story Hotel Figueira breakfast room

Chefs in the hotel kitchen at Figueira

Porto tonic Lisbon

It is the La Squadra restaurant that really brings the character in My Story Hotel Figueira. It’s one of those places where you need to look upwards, as the decorative details on the ceilings and upper walls are incredible! I particularly loved the shelves above the bar area stacked with old tins, jars, pots and wine bottles.

In the early evening you can grab a cut-priced cocktail at happy hour. I asked the bartender for a local recommendation, and she suggested the Porto tónico – a simple yet delicious concoction made of white port and tonic. Perfect for winding down at the end of a day’s work or sightseeing.

The place comes to life as the evening progresses, with an open-plan kitchen space enabling you to see the chefs busy cooking, with smoke rising from sizzling pans. The restaurant serves traditional Italian food made by recognised, experienced chefs.

It’s well worth dropping in here for a drink and a bite to eat even if you’re staying at one of the other hotels!

In the morning La Squadra is repurposed as the breakfast room, with a fantastic spread of hot foods, pastries, fruits, cereals and cakes spread across the bar. And during the daytime, it doubled up perfectly for me as a café workspace, checking emails on my laptop with a couple of fresh coffees in a quiet booth.

Book your stay at My Story Hotel Figueira.

My Story Hotel Tejo

My Story Hotel Tejo at night

  • Location: on the corner of Poço do Borratém and Rua Condes de Monsanto
  • Features: Portuguese restaurant
  • Great for: evening walks to the Alfama

With 135 rooms spread across six floors, My Story Hotel Tejo is the largest of the hotel’s fleet in Lisbon. It is also set in one of the oldest premises, an 18th-century building reflective of the Pombaline style typical of downtown Lisbon.

It’s a hotel that feels steeped in Portuguese traditions from the moment you step inside. Stony archways and recycled original Pombaline wood add to this ambiance. At the same time, it is brought into the present day with sprinklings of modern features.

The location is brimming with life. When approaching the building downhill along Rua da Madalena at night, it looks resplendent in soft lighting. With the iconic 28 tram trundling past among waves of traffic and passers-by, you feel like you are at the centre of activity in the city. 

My Story Hotels Tejo bedroom window

Hotel bedroom view from window

Hotel balcony view Lisbon

Even though it is a lively location, when you close the window inside the bedroom it’s peacefully quiet for a good night’s sleep. Almost like flicking a switch!

Ornamental balconies are an intrinsic feature of the Pombaline architecture style, which is such a great quality for a restored hotel. The doorway in my room led out onto a narrow balcony space, from where I could see across to the hills of adjoining neighbourhoods (lovely in the morning as the early sunlight caught the building tops), and down onto the busy streets below.

Like other rooms throughout the hotel, my comfy bed was set against a backdrop of restored 18th-century Pombaline wood, and the surroundings embellished with Portuguese décor. 

My Story Hotels Tejo breakfast area

Hotel breakfast plate

Hotel breakfast seating under arches

In the morning, the Portuguese restaurant space is repurposed as the breakfast room. It’s a hearty buffet-style breakfast with a mixture of classic hot foods with cold cheeses, meats, pastries, breads and fruit.

Towards the back of the room through an open doorway is a gorgeous little seating area surrounded by stony walls and weathered archways. This spot brings a historic aura to your morning dining. It’s worth getting up a little bit earlier to secure a table in here!

Book your stay at My Story Hotel Tejo.

My Story Hotel Rossio

My Story Hotel Rossio

  • Location: overlooking Rossio Square
  • Features: elegant Portuguese café
  • Great for: amazing romantic views of São Jorge Castle

Rossio Square has been a hub of city life in Lisbon for centuries, flanked by two magnificent baroque fountains and centred with towering monument to King Peter IV of Portugal. Its wavy patterned cobbles date back to the 19th century, as does the Dona Maria II National Theatre, which stands at one end.

The square remains a focal point of downtown Lisbon, and the is the setting for My Story Hotel Rossio. I was lucky to stay in one of the 18 rooms that overlooks the square, with a spectacular view stretching beyond to São Jorge Castle high on its hill, surrounded by pastel-coloured townhouses.

(Reaching the castle by foot from here is a bit of an effort, but it’s worth it for one of the best views in Lisbon.)

My Story Hotels Rossio bedroom

Lisbon view from hotel window

Hotel bed

These rooms-with-a-view catch natural light through the window all hours of the day. It was so refreshing to peer out onto the square at daybreak with the morning sunlight streaming across it onto the facade of the theatre.

The room was cosy and full of personality. A decorative sign above the bed headboard pays homage to fado, the expressive music style that originates from Lisbon and has become part of the city’s identity. Seeing a fado show is one of the top things to do in Lisbon for a local experience. In high season, you can see one on Wednesday nights over in My Story Hotel Tejo’s restaurant.

Subtle features in the bedroom bring out an imaginative charm, such as the glass bell-jar lamps with cord switches. The digital TV system is fused into a ceiling-high mirror facing onto the bed.

My Story Hotels Rossio breakfast room

Portuguese bread rolls

Pasteis de nata

Café Portugal, the on-site eatery, is named after an old café that occupied the building until 50 years ago. It is brimming with finesse, the ceilings hung with sparkling chandeliers, and the walls lined with tall dark-wood cabinets.

The café becomes the breakfast space in the mornings. I came in early to find the elegant white buffet stand stacked with home-made pastries, cakes, and colourful bread rolls, delightfully untouched and impeccably arranged. This was in addition to the buffet of hot and cold foods laid out on a long table. What a spread!

Book your stay at My Story Hotel Rossio.

My Story Hotels in Lisbon: more locations

In addition to the My Story Hotels I visited, there are two more in Lisbon:

  • My Story Hotel Augusta: one of the newest hotels in the fleet, set on Rua Augusta, which stretches from Rossio Square down to the River Tagus. Featuring Bistro Augusta, a relaxed daytime café and romantic evening dinner spot.
  • My Story Hotel Ouro: a bright hotel full of sophisticated charm in an 18th century Pombaline townhouse on Rua Áurea (Ouro Street). Featuring a stylish Portuguese restaurant and bar on the ground floor.
My Story Hotels Ouro
My Story Hotel Ouro

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For something a bit more luxurious and extra-special, see our guide to hotels in Lisbon with rooftop pools.

Are you planning a trip to Lisbon? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “My Story Hotels: where to stay in Lisbon to make memories

  1. Paige says:

    Hello, I appreciate your review of these hotels. Can you tell me if you noticed a difference in the size of the rooms or bathrooms at these hotels? You mentioned that the breakfasts were different at each place. Could you recall how they were different? Thank you!

    • Alex Trembath says:

      Hi Paige, thank you for your comment! It’s been a while since I stayed at these hotels now, but this is what I can remember… the room & bathroom I had at Rossio was a bit smaller than at Tejo and Figueira. Figueira felt a lot more spacious in general throughout the hotel. For breakfast, the basics were the same at each hotel, in that they all had a buffet of various hot and cold foods. The spread at Figueira was bigger than the others with a wider selection in general. Breakfast at Rossio was a smaller buffet in a cosier space, but it had an amazing selection of artisan cakes and pastries that wasn’t quite the same as the others. And I remember that in Tejo, the selection of Portuguese breads was really lovely. I hope this helps!

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