Looking for a Vrbo in Lisbon, Portugal, for your next trip? Not sure where to start? Hopefully we can help. With a range of districts spread across Lisbon’s seven hills, each with a unique character – and hundreds of apartments to choose from – it’s a big task to find your perfect accommodation, whether you are visiting for work or leisure. We’ve done the hard part and chosen the best Vrbo Lisbon apartments, with options in the most popular neighbourhoods, including Alfama, Bairro Alto, Chiado, Baixa and Principe Real.

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Why rent a Vrbo in Lisbon?

Before we dive into our selection of Vrbo Lisbon apartments, first let’s take a quick look why this is a good choice for booking self-catered accommodation for short stays in the city.

Vrbo is one of the best alternatives to Airbnb, and has actually been around nearly twice as long. What makes Vrbo different is that all of the properties it lists are entire property rentals, meaning you will have the whole place to yourself. We love the privacy and independence that brings when travelling to a new place.

Using self-catered accommodation platforms like Vrbo is often cheaper than booking hotels. We use it frequently for our own travels as we like having a base that feels like home when we explore cities.

The process of finding, booking and staying in a Vrbo apartment is super easy. And here, we’ve given you a head start on the finding part! There’s also a Vrbo app that makes everything more straightforward on mobile.

Lisbon Cathedral towers
Lisbon’s Sé Cathedral in the Alfama district

Vrbo is great for working remotely in Lisbon

If you are thinking of taking a workation in Lisbon to spend some time discovering the city while working remotely, Vrbo is ideal. Many of the properties it features have desks or adaptable workspaces.

The city has great transport connections, and the Vrbo apartments we’ve chosen are all convenient for getting around when you need something, or you just want to explore.

Choosing the best Vrbo Lisbon apartments: our criteria

You may be wondering, how have we chosen the Vrbo apartments in Lisbon that are picked out below. What criteria were we looking for?

Here’s a quick list to explain our approach:

  • We’ve chosen a range of apartment sizes so there are plenty of options for couples or solo travellers, as well as places with a bit more space for groups or families.
  • Everyone’s preference of location will be a bit different, so we’ve looked for Vrbo apartments in each of the most popular districts in central Lisbon. In the section at the end, we’ve also thrown in some extra options in off-the-beaten-path neighbourhoods a bit further away from downtown.
  • Apartments with character will become part of your memories of the city. So, we’ve kept an eye out for any special quirks or features that make a Vrbo property in Lisbon stand out.
  • Workspace! When doing our research we aimed to identify some apartments with a desk or suitable working environment, in case you are looking to work remotely during your stay.
  • Quality check: we’ve scoured reviews when researching these apartments to make sure that those we select here are the among the highest rated and should be mostly problem-free.

So, let’s get started with our Vrbo Lisbon selections, one district at a time…

Eduardo VII Park view
Lisbon has a lot of green spaces as well as historic neighbourhoods

Vrbo Lisbon apartments: Chiado

It’s hard to define the Chiado neighbourhood since it mixes Lisbon’s bohemian, commercial and traditional cultures.

Rua Garret is one of the most famous streets, filled with cafés, theatres and stores built within historic buildings. Here, you will find dozens of international stores to do some nice shopping, but if you take some time and get lost in town, you’ll also find many smaller shops that sell historical and unique goods. Don’t miss Libreria Bertrand, the world’s oldest operating bookstore, which even holds a Guinness world record to that effect. It was built in 1732, and survived the devastating earthquake of 1755. Even if you are not into books, a visit to this legendary store is a must.

Not everything is about shopping in Chiado: you’ll find tradition too, which you will see in its 19th century cafés. One of Lisbon’s most famous cafés is located in Chiado, called Café A Brasileira. Here, you’ll find a sitting statue of Fernando Pessoa on the terrace, one of the world’s most prominent Portuguese literary figures. And this is not just a random statue since this is the spot where Fernando, along with many other “Belle Époque” artists, used to visit to write what then became Portugal’s literary legacy.

Other spots that we highly recommend you visit in the Chiado neighbourhood:

  • Convento do Carmo
  • Antonio Ribeiro monument in Chiado
  • See a fado music show

One last detail about Chiado is that it survived a big fire in 1988 that forced the restoration of 18 historic buildings. This was the most significant hazard in Lisbon since the earthquake in 1755, and the multiple-awarded architect Alvaro Siza was in charge of the restoration process. Now, let’s move on to our selection of the best Vrbo Lisbon apartments in Chiado.

1.  18th century apartment

VRBO Lisbon Chiado 18th century apartment

This 18th-century apartment is located in one of the best spots in Chiado. Close to dozens of restaurants, cafés and typical Chiado stores, you’ll immediately feel the vibe of the neighbourhood.

The host of this place is Brigida. She will always be there for any questions or inquiries that you may have about the city or the apartment. The apartment is fully renovated but it keeps that historical touch, making the perfect combination. It has one bedroom and a couch in the living room, so it can host groups of up to four, although it’s ideal for a couple or solo traveller.

Last, there’s a nice desk for remote workers, and Brigida holds a small library in the apartment to share her book collection with visitors who wish to borrow any of them during their stays.

View prices and book on Vrbo

2.  Chiado skyline

Chiado skyline apartment

This apartment, above the rooftops, is just 500 metres from the commercial square of Chiado and 700 metres from Lisbon city centre. It is equipped with everything to make your stay in Lisbon perfect: coffee maker, washing machine, dishwasher, wifi and all the kitchen utensils you need. Check out that view as well!

It is a large apartment, with three bedrooms and one bathroom, and can host up to six people. Remote workers should check out this option since it has two separate tables for guests to work and eat: one table in the dining room, and another breakfast bar table in the kitchen. With this setup, guests can have video calls or be getting work done in separate areas of the apartment at the same time.

One consideration to bear in mind is there is no elevator, and the apartment is on the fourth floor of the building.

View prices and book on Vrbo

3.  Charming penthouse terrace

VRBO Lisbon Chiado Charming penthouse with terrace

This spacious and charming penthouse is perfect for groups of travellers (up to five people) or families looking for a comfortable place to stay in Chiado. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a lovely terrace where you can enjoy your morning or afternoon coffee with a privileged view of one of the most cultural neighbourhoods in Lisbon.

You’ll be within walking distance of Chiado’s main attractions, but one thing to consider is that this apartment has no lift and is located on the third floor of the building. Is it worth it for the penthouse view? Totally!

Last, this apartment has a highlight that very few have in the area: parking access. You’ll get a pass at no additional cost to park your car in a nearby parking lot, which you may want to consider if you are on a road trip and need a place to keep your vehicle.

View prices and book on Vrbo

4.  Carmo 15

Chiado Carmo 15

If I had to pick a word to describe this 100-square-metres apartment, it would be spacious. Carmo 15 is perfect for a family, but a couple or group of co-workers can make the most of it too. There are separate spaces, so there is room for some people to be working while others enjoy a nice chat or want to chill after a long day exploring.

The decoration is spotless and recently renovated. The apartment is also prepared for babies and small children if you travel in a family group with kids. Also, the building has an elevator that will take you to its third floor setting. The location is right on the spot, close to all Chiado’s stores and public transport if you wish to visit other neighbourhoods.

Finally, if you enjoy nice views and natural light, you definitely want to check the pictures of this apartment before deciding on your stay in Chiado.

View prices and book on Vrbo

5.  Chiado 9

Chiado 9

This ground-level flat is a gem in Chiado with features that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. It has stunning decoration that combines the bright colours of a vacation home with the green of nature that fills every corner of the house. Its garden is well kept, with a comfortable dining table where you can enjoy your meals or do your remote work surrounded by nature while in the centre of Chiado.

The apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and can host up to four people (five if the fifth is a child). The living room area is huge, so don’t worry about the weather; you’ll still get to enjoy the spaciousness of this place on rainy days.

Also, there are separate dining and leisure areas, so remote workers can spend time working in different spots around the apartment. Pets are allowed, and the host Mario is one of the kindest you’ll ever meet.

View prices and book on Vrbo

Vrbo Lisbon apartments: Bairro Alto

Born as a result of the social transformation in Lisbon in the 15th century, The Bairro Alto is an expansion built within the historic walled city. Here, you’ll find tons of beautifully decorated restaurants, chic bars, and night shows that make this neighbourhood the night capital of Lisbon.

Plazas are another main attraction in Bairro Alto. They combine a bohemian traditional and nightlit style that captures thousands of tourists and locals year after year. Some of the plazas you may want to add to your to-visit list are Plaza Luís de Camões, which separates Bairro Alto from Chiado, and Praça do Príncipe Real.

There are also two main viewpoints you can’t miss: San Pedro de Alcántara and Santa Catalina (see our article on the best viewpoints in Lisbon for more of these around the city).

In Santa Catalina, you’ll find many bars where you can get a cold beer while watching the sun set over the Tagus river. Next, we’ll review our selection of the best Vrbo Lisbon apartments in Bairro Alto.

6.  Panoramic terrace apartment

VRBO Lisbon Bairro Alto panoramic terrace apartment

This beautiful apartment hosted by Margarida is located just around the corner from the stunning San Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint. The location is perfect for exploring, close to many of the top places to visit in Lisbon.

It is a comfortable apartment, situated on the fourth floor, with no lift but an electric hoist that can be used to move heavy luggage (up to 200kg). The reward comes when you get to this apartment’s fantastic, exclusive rooftop: you’ll be delighted and forget about those tiring stairs. The decoration is beautiful, with a mix of vintage and modern that gives a warm, welcoming vibe.

Last but not least: if you plan a long stay, there is a discount for stays longer than two weeks. So check with Margarida about this; you may find an excellent deal to spend more than a few weeks living and working in the amazing Bairro Alto!

View prices and book on Vrbo

7.  Rooftop view apartment

VRBO Lisbon apartments Bairro Alto rooftop view apartment

Certified by the Lisbon Town Hall as a city tourist apartment, this rooftop view apartment is one of the best value-for-money deals you’ll find for stays in Lisbon downtown.

Within walking distance to all Bairro Alto attractions but not too close to restaurants and bars, you’ll feel like you found Lisbon’s gem once you get to this place. It’s perfect for two people, equipped with everything you may need, and its minimalistic decoration means your experience will be clutter-free.

The best part? It has a wonderful terrace, where you can appreciate the Lisbon rooftops, a beautiful image that will be part of your memories of the city.

View prices and book on Vrbo

8.  Spacious bohemian apartment

Spacious bohemian apartment

This fancy, modern apartment is located in one of Lisbon’s top nighttime spots. Surrounded by the most iconic bars and restaurants, the apartment makes the perfect spot for tourists that want to get to know Barrio Alto by night, and still get back home early after a touristic day.

If you are not a night person and want to get to bed early, that’s fine too. Despite the proximity to bars, the apartment has triple-glazed windows that cut all the street noise that may interfere with your night’s sleep.

The apartment has a washing machine, so you can travel lighter and do some laundry during your stay. Another detail is the kitchen’s balcony, providing a front row view of Lisbon’s nighttime scenes.

View prices and book on Vrbo

9.  Stylish contemporary studio

Bairro Alto cosy contemporary studio

This stylish studio‘s contemporary design is perfect for those who want to stay in Lisbon in a trendy, comfortable downtown apartment.

Just 400 metres from Lisbon’s botanical garden and 600 metres from Rossio square, it’s not as close to night spots as other Vrbo apartments, which you may find even better if you are on a work trip. The modern studio is in a building that was fully renovated in 2019. It is just right for short stays and romantic city weekend breaks.

You’ll find everything you need in this luminous apartment, including a coffee machine, juice maker, kettle, microwave and hairdryer.

View prices and book on Vrbo

10.  Bright apartment with balcony

VRBO Lisbon apartments Bairro Alto: bright apartment with balcony

This property, hosted by property manager GuestReady, is another excellent option for your stay in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. It can host up to four people, and you’ll be taken care of 24/7 by GuestReady’s customer service in case you need anything during your stay.

It has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a unique balcony where you can spend your mornings or afternoons staring at Lisbon’s beautiful landscapes, and you’ll even get a water view of the Tagus river.

For remote workers: there is a nice and comfortable desk you can use for working trips, and one of the highlights of this place is how bright it gets during the day, an uplifting complement to that river view.

View prices and book on Vrbo

Vrbo Lisbon apartments: Alfama and Graça

Alfama and Graça are two neighbourhoods you’ll find right next to each other in the southeast area of Lisbon. In Graça, you’ll find the two most breathtaking viewpoints in the city: Miradouro da Graça and Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

On top of that, since it is not the most touristic spot, this is one of the best neighbourhoods to find typical Portuguese food, coffee, or a sweet local treat for your afternoon. On the other hand, Alfama – Lisbon’s famous old town – is located in the highest part of the city.

It is one of the areas of Lisbon that best survived the 1755 earthquake, and therefore preserves most of its medieval essence. You can walk through these historical streets, get lost and enjoy the feeling of travelling to a different time altogether.

Some of the things you can’t miss during your visit to Alfama are:

  • São Jorge Castle
  • Lisbon’s roman theatre
  • Santa Lucia viewpoint
  • Sé, Lisbon’s cathedral
  • Portas do Sol viewpoint

Now, here are our picks for the best Vrbo Lisbon apartments in Alfama and Graça.

11.  Stunning view in Graça

VRBO Lisbon apartments Graca stunning view

Those views in Graça we mentioned? In this stunning apartment you get to enjoy them from your accommodation. This 100-square-metres apartment is a unique place that will make your stay in Lisbon more than exceptional.

You can choose this place if you are on a family or work trip with colleagues, since it has room to host up to six people. Its highlight is a magnificent terrace, with a panoramic view of Lisbon that you’ll also be able to see from the inside of the apartment.

Yes, if your dream vacation or work trip is to wake up and make coffee in the kitchen while staring at the whole city of Lisbon, then don’t hesitate to book this place. The apartment was fully renovated in 2019 and has that modern touch that a professional designer can only achieve. The designers are also the current owners, and are the friendliest hosts you could wish for during your Lisbon stay.

View prices and book on Vrbo

12.  Elegant renovated apartment

Elegant renovated apartment Alfama

If you want to stay in the very heart of the romantic Alfama neighbourhood, this beautifully renovated apartment is another excellent option. While it is set in a historic building – as many apartments in this district are – the interior has been brought into the 21st century with bright, modern decor and fittings, complemented with a subtle colour scheme.

The apartment is extremely clean and immaculately kept, with double beds in its two bedrooms providing bundles of comfort. A plush sofa completes the homely feel, and there is a gorgeous wooden table for dining, hanging out or working.

If you want to delve into the fascinating musical history of Lisbon, the Fado Museum is just a couple of minutes’ walk away outside.

View prices and book on Vrbo

13.  Charming flat in heritage building

VRBO Lisbon Alfama charming flat heritage building

Overlooking one of Alfama’s cobbled courtyards, this quaint apartment occupies one of Lisbon’s oldest buildings, with roots dating back to the 12th century. Refurbished once again in recent years, it presents the opportunity to stay in a place that is part of the neighbourhood’s fabric, having withstood the 1755 earthquake and seen generations of history come and go.

With one gorgeously furnished bedroom, this place is ideal for a couple’s trip. It’s on the first floor, so not much of a climb, and while it can be noisy outside, the renovated windows keep it peaceful inside.

Need to get some work done? There’s a small desk with a work light, ideal for the task. The host, Juan, is highly popular with guests and will be ready to provide everything you need for a relaxing stay. 

View prices and book on Vrbo

Vrbo Lisbon apartments: Principe Real

Contrasting Bairro Alto, Principe Real offers a different alternative in Lisbon as a younger neighbourhood filled with bars and nightlife. Located to the outer area of downtown Lisbon, but still close to the other neighbourhoods mentioned above, this is also a much quieter and more residential quarter.

Principe Real has become one of the best spots for shopping in Lisbon in the past few years. Many historical buildings are now stores where tourists and locals like spending hours looking for all types of goods, from design and fashion to food and local wines.

Other plans you can’t miss on your visit to Principe Real are:

  • The Real Prince Garden
  • The Alfredo Keil Garden
  • The Botanical Garden of the Lisbon University

Mostly, it’s an experience just to explore this offbeat neighbourhood and allow yourself to get lost in its characterful streets. You may just find what you are looking for without even trying!

If you decide to stay in this neighbourhood, here are our picks for the best Vrbo Lisbon apartments in Principe Real.

14.  Altis Suites apartment

VRBO Lisbon Principe Real Altis Suites apartment

This apartment is almost like a hotel–apartment hybrid, bringing the best of both. You’ll find a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need, but also with the comfort of the apartment building being connected to a hotel.

You can call the hotel reception if you need anything, and they’ll be happy to help you. The apartment is spacious, with A/C and a large private balcony to take your morning coffee while gazing at the beautiful Principe Real neighbourhood.

Last, since it is connected to the hotel, you also have two dining outlets right next to the apartment, including one on the 12th floor that serves Portuguese cuisine by a local chef.

View prices and book on Vrbo

15.  Modern charming apartment

VRBO Lisbon Principe Real modern charming apartment

This charming apartment is located on the Mãe de Água Street, a name that comes from one of the water reservoir towers of the 18th century. The water reservoir building has become a wine bar that you’ll find just 20 metres away from the apartment – talk about convenience!

The apartment has one bedroom and is perfect for couples or small groups, since there’s a living room couch where other guests can sleep. There is also a desk in the bedroom for remote workers to use.

View prices and book on Vrbo

16.  Photographer’s studio apartment (Estrela)

Photographer's studio apartment in Principe Real

The Estrela neighbourhood borders Principe Real, and is a leafy, laidback area of Lisbon that connects the busy centre with outer suburbia. It has broader, quiet streets, a lovely green park, and is home to the marvellous Basílica da Estrela.

Estrela is the setting for this artistic ground-floor apartment. You can see why it made an ideal setting for a photographer to reside; its unusual features provide daily inspiration, and there is little noise pollution outside to distract you in this quiet area.

The apartment is ideal for couples, and provides a light, airy space to chill out, cook food or work quietly. A short walk can take you to the shores of the river, or into Principe Real to find cafés and shops. 

View prices and book on Vrbo

Vrbo Lisbon apartments: Baixa and Rossio

In the lowest part of Lisbon, between Alfama and Bairro Alto, you’ll find the Baixa Pombalina. Its name is a tribute to the Pombal Marquise, who rebuilt and brought back to life the neighbourhood after the 1755 earthquake.

The Baixa is, for many, the heart of Lisbon, where you’ll find street musicians and street art on every corner. This is also where most commercial and entertainment events take place. The main street, Rua Augusta, connects the Commerce Plaza with Rossio.

You’ll notice the switch between one neighbourhood and the other when you find dozens of tiny local bars and cafés. That’s Rossio. There are many emblematic streets, from the Plaza de Rossio to Santo Domingo Church and the Arco de Rua Augusta viewpoint.

Next, we’ll share with you the four places we selected as the best Vrbo Lisbon apartments in Baixa and Rossio.

17.  Chic studio

Rossio chic studio

This studio apartment can host up to three people in the charming Rossio neighbourhood, but is best for couples. It has one bedroom and a spacious living room with a couch accommodating one extra guest.

The dining room also has a nice table that can be repurposed as a desk for working. A washing machine, A/C and wifi connection are included in this beautiful property located just a two minutes walk from the River Tagus.

If you are travelling with a baby, the owner has a baby cot and chair available for your stay. And if you are travelling in a bigger group, there’s another apartment next door that you can request in case your friends or co-workers want to stay nearby.

View prices and book on Vrbo

18.  Couple’s apartment with plaza views

Baixa couples apartment with plaza views

Convenience and comfort are first and foremost at this superbly located flat in the Baixa district. The fourth floor setting is not a problem as it’s also one of the few apartment blocks around here with an elevator. On-site parking is available too.

The flat has a view over Martim Moniz plaza, which is a hive of activity at night, and up to São Jorge Castle looming over the neighbourhood. Fabiola and António are the helpful hosts, and they will provide you with a great information pack upon arrival to make the most of your time in the city.

Most importantly, the flat is clean, safe and comfy, and well stocked with an array of amenities. Highly recommended if you are practical travellers looking for location and convenience.

View prices and book on Vrbo

19.  Trendy Baixa apartment

VRBO Lisbon trendy Baixa apartment

If you are looking for a spacious apartment in the centre of Lisbon, this choice might be for you. This 80-square-metre apartment has two bedrooms and can host up to four people. In addition, there is a big dining table, which is perfect for co-working if you are on a workation.

There’s a lovely balcony, and the view is excellent since it is located on the fourth floor. But note, there is no elevator!

There are several nice places to eat nearby, and all the stores you may find necessary during your trip at walking distance.

View prices and book on Vrbo

20.  Pombaline apartment

Rossio Pombaline apartment

This two-bedroom apartment has been recently renovated and is located right on the border of Alfama and Rossio. Perched next to São Jorge Castle, the location of this apartment is one of its highlights, right among many of Lisbon’s most inspiring sights.

Filipa is a fantastic host who will make you feel at home as soon as you arrive. The apartment is fully equipped with everything you may need for your stay in Lisbon. It’s perfect for two people, but Filipa can host up to four people if you plan a short stay.

View prices and book on Vrbo

Vrbo Lisbon apartments in other great neighbourhoods

We’ve covered Lisbon’s most sought-after districts in our selections above. But there are many other emerging neighbourhoods around the city you may wish to consider instead.

In this final section, we pick out Vrbo Lisbon apartments in industrial Parque das Nações, riverside Belém, modern Saldanha, and locals’ favourite Campo de Ourique.

21.  Condo with river views in Parque das Nações

VRBO Lisbon condo Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações is a Lisbon neighbourhood that has begun to thrive over the last two decades. Situated next to the Tagus River, it has sprung up from an old industrial wasteland to become one of the city’s hubs of creativity and business. This makes it an inspiring place for remote workers to stay.

If you want to travel with comfort, this Parque das Nações condo has amenities such as a gym, A/C in every room, and even a spa that you can enjoy during your stay.

There is one bedroom, a big dining table and a living room where you can either get some work done or just enjoy the panoramic view the apartment offers. Perfect for solo travellers or couples on workation.

View prices and book on Vrbo

22.  Mezzanine flat in Belém

VRBO Lisbon mezzanine flat Belém

Located in the south of Lisbon and surrounded by UNESCO heritage attractions, Belém is a neighbourhood you can’t miss when visiting Lisbon.

You’ll be just a few blocks away from Jeronimos Monastery, the Tower of Belém, and museums such as the National Archeology Museum and MAAT. Even if you choose not to stay here, it’s well worth a day trip.

This two-bedroom apartment situated in Belém can host up to five people, and it has two floors, allowing a lot of independence for groups of travellers. There is a free parking zone with supermarkets nearby, and the central areas of the city are only a train connection distance away.

View prices and book on Vrbo

23.  Bright apartment with terrace in Campo de Ourique

VRBO Lisbon apartments terrace Campo de Ourique

Considered almost a city within the city, Campo de Ourique charms visitors with its unique personality. Small and personal shops are one of the highlights of the neighbourhood.

You must pay a visit to the Campo de Ourique market, where you can experience a traditional Portuguese market combined with an international food court. Read more in our guide to food markets in Lisbon.

This one-bedroom apartment in Campo de Ourique has a fully equipped kitchen, a work desk and an outdoor patio where you’ll be able to see a view of the city blended with its green, natural features. This is a landscape that’s hard to come by in the downtown neighbourhoods.

View prices and book on Vrbo

Ready to plan your exploration of the city? See our guide to the best things to do in Lisbon. If you’re looking to work here as well, check out our review of coworking spaces in Lisbon.

Have you stayed in Lisbon before? Let us know about your neighbourhood experiences in the comments below.

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