Hi! We are Alex and Lisa, the couple team behind this blog. The journey began a few years ago when we decided to start saving money to take a break from our careers and travel the world together.

With a solid plan, and some simple lifestyle adjustments, we were able to make it happen – and we are so glad we did.

Taking a travel career break in our 30s was the best thing we’ve ever done. It gave us the space to reflect on the things that really matter to us, which has helped us to reshape our lives for the better. And we discovered new passions that will remain with us for a lifetime.

Career Gappers: me and Lisa during our New Zealand South Island roadtrip on our travel career break

We’re not the only ones

Along the way we’ve met many more people who have taken travel career breaks, and they all have one thing in common: the experience has had a positive impact on their lives. In every single case we have encountered, people have excelled in their careers after taking a travel break. It’s not a step backwards.

Why is it, then, that there is still a stigma attached to the idea of taking a long period of time out of work to travel? Back when we were planning our own trip, lots of people had their doubts about what we were doing.

After returning home, we decided that we wanted to tell a positive story about travel career breaks, and give other people the support they need to do it. And so Career Gappers was born.

We can help you be a Career Gapper

On the pages of this blog you will find the inspiration and resources you need to make your travel career break dream a reality. If you’re struggling to make the decision in the first place, we help address your concerns. When it comes to planning and preparation, we leave no stone unturned. For the trip itself, we highlight some of the best places and experiences to consider for your career break itinerary. And when you return home afterwards, we explain how you can readjust and start building towards life’s next big adventure.

And of course, all of this comes through the lens of our own experience.

We’re thrilled to see that more and more people are embracing travel sabbaticals, and that businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits. Ultimately, we want to help build a world where everybody is empowered to take a travel career break.

Joining the workations revolution!

Since we returned home from our travel career break, one of the biggest challenges has been how to satisfy our wanderlust and build more travel into our working lives, before we take our next big trip.

Thankfully, the surge in remote working during the pandemic has given us freedom to travel much more.

Our day jobs are now fully remote, giving us the flexibility to travel and work from wherever we like.

We love having a home and base in Lincoln in the UK. But now, we’re also filling our calendar with several workations each year – short working trips that allow us to explore while we get our jobs done.

Want to come on this journey with us? Join our workations Facebook group for tips, insights, and community discussions.

Meet Alex

  • Age: 38
  • Countries visited: 49
  • Blogging focus: destinations, career break advice
  • Specialisms: strategy, content creation, SEO, project management

Alex is a qualified journalist and has worked in communications management and strategy for nearly two decades. His past roles have included being editor of a national magazine for a major membership organisation, and head of communications for an international renewable energy association. He loves playing music, hiking in the wilderness and getting lost in new cities.

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Meet Lisa

Lisa Pool Career Gappers cycling Death Road Bolivia
  • Age: 35
  • Countries visited: 26
  • Blogging focus: career break advice, travel lifestyle
  • Specialisms: strategy, problem-solving, design, photography, social media

Lisa works full-time in marketing management for a professional body in the environmental sector, contributing to Career Gappers in her spare time. She has ten years of communications experience and specialises in delivering transformational change in low-to-medium performing organisations. She loves art, scuba diving and a good glass of wine.

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