From the very first day we decided to create this blogging business, we have tracked the journey by publishing monthly reports. This helps us to challenge ourselves and keep a close eye on our progress. Follow the story below, from the days before Career Gappers was born right through to today. You can also take a look at the tools and resources we use to create Career Gappers.

Blogging business report: 2022 review + 2023 strategy

We review our blogging progress in 2022 and look ahead as we build our strategy for 2023.

Blogging business report: October to December 2021

We look back at the final months of 2021 in our blogging journey, as Omicron halted the recovery of travel.

Blogging business report: July to September 2021

The third quarter of 2021 has been an ongoing struggle of balance as the world of travel begins to reopen.

Blogging business report: April to June 2021

In the second quarter of 2021 we have faced time management challenges as we balance blogging with side hustles.

Blogging business report: January to March 2021

Our startup blogging business gets off to a positive start in 2021 as our website traffic and income sources recover.

Blogging business report: October to December 2020

We end the year on a wave of optimism, with hope for brighter times in 2021, and a new journey for our blogging business.

Blogging business report: July to September 2020

We have been slowly rebuilding our website traffic while working on new projects and preparing for a changed future.

Blogging business report: April to June 2020

We look at the ongoing impact of the global pandemic on our blogging business, how we’re adapting, and reasons to be positive.

Blogging business report: January to March 2020

The onset of a global pandemic has brought about very difficult times for travel bloggers. Here's how we are trying to adapt.

Blogging business report: October to December 2019

2019 was the year our blogging business found its feet. Now it's time to run. As a new year begins, big changes are around the corner.

Blogging business report: July to September 2019

It took us a year, but we did it – the blog is finally turning a profit. Here's how.

Blogging business report: April to June 2019

Introducing a new quarterly format for our regular reports as we attempt to grow a successful blogging business.

Blogger business report: May 2019

May has been a month of quiet and steady progress. Our traffic continues to grow, and we’ve formulated a plan for the summer.

Blogger business report: April 2019

We took half of April off to travel, but it hasn’t halted our progress. It was our ninth consecutive month of traffic growth.

Blogger business report: March 2019

In a month full of distractions from the blog, we’ve hit all our targets and officially joined the DA 30 club.

Blogger business report: February 2019

In the shortest month of the year we passed one of our biggest milestones yet: we’re now proud members of the 10,000 club.

Blogger business report: January 2019

We’ve had a mixed start to 2019, but one big win stands out: our SEO strategy has begun to show fruit in a major way.

Blogger business report: December 2018

2018 has ended with a flourish. We’re beginning the new year refreshed and brimming with excitement for what lies ahead.

Blogger business report: November 2018

Our blog traffic continues its steady rise, and we’ve established positive relationships with several potential future partners.

Blogger business report: October 2018

There is good progress to celebrate as another month passes, but also big challenges to overcome in key areas for the business.

Blogger business report: September 2018

In an intense month, we’ve made promising progress, smashed our targets, and taken time to review our business strategy.

Blogger business report: August 2018

August 2018 has been the first full month of putting our business plan into action, and we passed a major milestone.

Blogger business report: July 2018

I finished my business plan, launched the blog’s new identity and attended the world’s biggest travel blogger conference.

Welcome to Career Gappers: a new story begins

Taking a career break to travel the world has transformed our lives. Now we want to help you do the same.

Blogger business report: June 2018

My first month of full-time work on Story Every Day has been spent mostly in the learning incubator.

Introducing the Story Every Day blogger business report

Welcome to a new monthly feature that will track the business progress of Story Every Day, and set out my targets.

Why I am going full-time as a travel blogger

I have decided to try and turn my passion for travel blogging into a profession. Here's why.