We first fell in love with blogging as a creative way to document our travels; now we're building a business on it. Here are some of the tools and resources we use.

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Hosting and content management

Career Gappers is hosted and managed on WordPress. We believe it’s the best tool out there for blogging, whether it’s a startup, a hobby or an established business. There’s a good reason that more than a quarter of the world’s websites are built on the platform.

The pricing options provide a range of different features for the various stages of your blogging journey. We started out on Personal, but eventually upgraded to Business and we haven’t looked back. In particular, the live chat support has been invaluable, and we’ve had access to a whole host of amazing free theme designs.

Site monetisation, ability to install plug-ins and SEO tools are also great tools that come with the Business plan.

You can get started on WordPress today here.

Keyword research

It’s no good producing a blog full of great content if nobody ever sees it. The most powerful way to drive traffic to your site is through search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO tools can be very expensive for bloggers who don’t have the kind of funds that big organisations enjoy. However, we have found that Keysearch covers everything we need for keyword research, and at just $17 per month for the starter package it is affordable.

You can sign up for Keysearch here, and if you quote the promo code KSDISC at checkout, you will get 20% off. Consider it a treat from us!

Blogging income course

After we decided to go full-time with this blog, we knew we would need to invest in learning about the business side of it. Alex enrolled in the Income Boss course by Johnny FD, who hosts the Travel Like A Boss podcast.

The course is great value for me and covers all aspects of the journey from start-up blog to money-making machine. Johnny begins with then gives powerful insights from his own experience into finding your niche, building a foundation of great content, marketing it and, ultimately, monetising it.

The course includes some highly original approaches, proven to be effective, and looks at case studies as well as Johnny’s analysis of his own sites.

For a blogger looking to turn hobby into profession, Income Boss is a fantastic investment and we highly recommend it.

You can sign up for Income Boss here.