If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are considering signing up for Adventure in You’s Blogging Fast Lane. That’s great news! Buying the course was the best single decision we made while building a new blogging business, and it has paid back our investment many times over. In this Blogging Fast Lane review, I explain what the course covers, what you can expect from it, and how it has helped us transform a blog that was making barely any money to a profitable business with regular income.

What’s more, participating with the Blogging Fast Lane community – which you can access as soon as you sign up for the course – helped our travel blog to stay afloat through the pandemic. After taking part in a blog post challenge run by Anna, we were able to make nearly $6,000 from a single blog post. Wow! We wouldn’t have gotten through this impossible time without it. We explain all below.

Whether you want to build a full-time business of your own, or you just want to make some extra money while you’re travelling, the Blogging Fast Lane can help you achieve it. But before we dig into the review, I’ll highlight three quick reasons why you can have confidence in signing up for this course:

  • You can get a taster of the course by signing up for Anna and Tom’s free introductory training, with no obligation to continue onto the full course.
  • The full course comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, which shows they are serious about delivering results.
  • If you sign up for the course via the links in this review, I’ll give you a free bonus 30-minute coaching call and content review of your website (more on this below).
Sign up for the free taster training

We have have absolutely zero regrets about investing this course for our blog. But if you have any doubts or questions, now’s the time to take a few minutes to read about why it will be worth it…

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may make some commission at no extra cost to you.

What is Adventure In You’s Blogging Fast Lane?

The Blogging Fast Lane is a comprehensive course on how to start a blog and build it into a profitable business. It was created by Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino, the couple behind Adventure In You – one of the world’s most successful travel blogs.

After starting on a shoestring while travelling, Anna and Tom built Adventure In You into a thriving business bringing in over $30,000 per month in income. (Yes, you read correctly: 30 grand a month!).

They are now channelling this success into helping other people to create blogging businesses, and the Blogging Fast Lane course is the vehicle for this.

The course covers every step of building a successful blog, from the first stages of creating a brand and getting everything set up, right through to monetisation and running it as a business.

It has a step-by-step structure that is easy to follow and can be done entirely at your own pace. Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to the course. There are no deadlines, so you can power through it in a few days or dip in and out over several weeks or months – whatever works best for you.

Adventure in You Blogging Fast Lane welcome video
The Blogging Fast Lane has a step-by-step structure with instructional videos and guides at each stage

Each module of the course has a series of instructional videos and tutorials. Anna and Tom do a great job of making technical topics easy for anybody to follow and understand.

What does the Blogging Fast Lane cover?

The Blogging Fast Lane is an extensive course that leaves no stone unturned along the blogging business journey. The course includes in-depth guidance on topics including:

  • Blogging business mindset and goal-setting
  • Finding a niche, choosing a name and creating a brand
  • Setting up a blog and getting the foundations in place
  • Getting to grips with using WordPress
  • How to master affiliate marketing
  • Monetising a blog through adverts
  • Search engine optimisation and content planning
  • Growing blog traffic from Pinterest
  • Building an email list and creating powerful automations
  • Resources and tools to make blogging easier
  • Time management and productivity

These are all things that Anna and Tom have done extremely successfully with Adventure In You, which gives the course a level of credibility that’s hard to find. It’s not watered down either; they share the exact strategies behind their own success.

Who is the Blogging Fast Lane for?

The Blogging Fast Lane is an invaluable resource at any stage of a blogging business. While it’s fantastic for total beginners, it’s also a highly worthwhile investment for more experienced bloggers.

When I signed up for the Blogging Fast Lane, Lisa and I had already created the Career Gappers brand and our blog had been established for a few months already. We were comfortable with many aspects of blogging as we’d both been working in communications and marketing for years.

However, we weren’t so confident on the business side of blogging; how to monetise it, and the mindset required to make it a success. The Blogging Fast Lane not only helped us to understand this in depth, but also to implement it with tangible results, and to have confidence in our product. In the review section below I discuss our results from the course in more detail.

If you are planning to take a travel career break, the course can help you build an extra source of income while you’re away from home. It could also lead to you returning home with a growing business to take to the next level.

Is it just for travel bloggers then?

No it isn’t! The methodology taught on the course can be applied to any topic. While Anna and Tom are themselves travel bloggers, the Blogging Fast Lane is great for any blogger regardless of the niche. It could be food, gardening, pottery, wedding planning… anything.

Tom and Anna blog school
Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino are the couple behind Adventure In You and the Blogging Fast Lane

Why is this course better than others?

Of course, the Blogging Fast Lane isn’t the only blogging course out there. Perhaps there are a few you’re considering, and you’re looking for the deal-breaker that will seal your decision.

For me, there are three big factors that make the Blogging Fast Lane stand out above the competition, and these are:

  • Credibility. Anna and Tom are the real deal when it comes to this business – they’ve built one of the most successful travel blogs in the world. Not only this, but their success has been recent, and the techniques they have developed are highly relevant in today’s blogging environment. They make constant improvements to their own blogging business, and then plug this back into the course, keeping it regularly updated with current knowledge. As you will read below, we had fantastic results after implementing the new recommendations after a course update in June 2019.
  • Community. When you sign up to the Blogging Fast Lane you gain access to the course’s Facebook group, a vibrant and active community where students regularly ask questions and discuss their experiences. Anna, Tom and other students are regularly on hand to help with any problems. It’s a fantastic place for mutual support and development.
  • Integrity. Some blogging courses are designed to sell a false dream and make a quick buck. That’s not the case with the Blogging Fast Lane. Anna and Tom have a personal mission to help people make an income from blogging, and they are doing that by developing a course with genuine quality. That’s why they only allow course students to be affiliate partners. They could easily make a ton of money by allowing internet marketers to sell the course for them, but instead they are focusing on generating honest recommendations from actual students.

Some blogging courses have one or two of these things, but I haven’t found another that combines all three. And it really is a winning combination.

Back when me and Lisa were starting out with our blogging business (before I found out about the Blogging Fast Lane), I bought a different course – a well-known one run by a recognised online entrepreneur. While I found a few bits and pieces useful, it didn’t compare to what I’ve gotten out of the Blogging Fast Lane as a full package. It didn’t have its own thriving community, and it wasn’t kept updated. These things are invaluable.

How to buy the Blogging Fast Lane course (spaces limited!)

Signing up for the Blogging Fast Lane is easy. You can get started by registering for a free online training session with Anna and Tom, which will give you a taster of what you can expect. It’s limited to 200 attendees, so you’ll need to get in there quickly!

After going through the free taster training, you will have an option to upgrade onto the full course.

Sign up for the free taster training

How I found the Blogging Fast Lane

My pathway onto the Blogging Fast Lane started with a real-life journey. Lisa and I took a year out of work to go travelling, and we set up blogs to document it for some fun.

One day, we were having a few drinks with a guy we met in a hostel, and we told him about our blogs. “Have you thought about making money from them?” he asked. Well, no, we hadn’t. I knew that some people made money from travel blogging, but I assumed it to be a rare lucky few who had the right look for it.

But as our journey continued, we kept meeting people who were making income from travel content in one way or another. The seed was planted and my fascination grew. I joined some travel blogging groups on Facebook and started listening to podcasts about online entrepreneurialism.

On a bus journey in the Philippines, I listened to one such podcast – an episode of Travel Like A Boss hosted by Johnny FD. The guests on that particular episode were Anna and Tom, talking about how they had built Adventure In You. I was captivated. These guys weren’t primadonnas. They had developed a thriving business, and they seemed really down-to-earth and genuine. It made me want to try it too. You can listen to the podcast episode here.

Soon after that, Lisa and I decided that when we returned to the UK, I would have a go at travel blogging. She would go back into full-time work as she wanted to continue pursuing her career, but she would support the blog however she could.

Fast-forward a few months, and I saw Adventure In You promoting their new blogging school on Facebook. I needed no extra persuasion to sign up, and didn’t look back…

Blogging Fast Lane review: how it transformed our business

I signed up for the Blogging Fast Lane a few months after Lisa and I had launched Career Gappers. We had created a blog we believed had high potential as a brand and we were growing our traffic steadily, but we were struggling to make any money from it at all.

The truth was, we didn’t really know what we were doing when it came to running a blog as a business. The course changed all of that.

By implementing the techniques taught on the Blogging Fast Lane, within just a few months we were able to build a base monthly income of over $500+ from affiliate marketing alone.

Sometimes a graph can tell a story much better than words can. Here you can see the effect the Blogging Fast Lane had on our blogging income within a few months of us implementing its strategies:

Career Gappers blogging progress Fast Lane
Blogging Fast Lane review: since implementing the course’s techniques, our affiliate income exploded

In the first six months of the year, we made just $136 from affiliate income through our blog. Midway through the year, Anna and Tom launched a major update to the course, and I spent just a few days implementing the new recommendations.

After this, in the second half of the year, we made $2,353 from affiliate income – an increase of over 1600% on the first half of the year!

This success alone paid off our investment in the course multiple times, but it was only the beginning. This initial progress not only made our blog profitable, but it also gave us a platform to turn it into a full-time online business.

Helping our blog qualify for an advertising network

The benefits of applying the Blogging Fast Lane techniques to our blog have gone further than just the growth in affiliate income. Since we started building content pillars in line with the course recommendations, we also saw an impressive growth in website traffic as a result – which opened up new income opportunities.

Like many bloggers, when starting out, we hoped to eventually monetise our site with adverts. One of the best ways to do this is by signing up to an advertising network, but in order to do this you need to have a certain amount of website traffic. Mediavine, the advertising network we were aiming to join, had a qualifying threshold of 25,000 monthly sessions before considering any applications (which has since increased to 50,000).

Within six months of when we started applying Fast Lane content pillars to our blog, our website traffic trebled – and this was enough to take us past the threshold. We were accepted onto Mediavine, which now gives us a regular extra monthly source of income from the blog.

A formula that works

So, how did the Blogging Fast Lane help us to achieve this?

There is plenty of information about affiliate marketing on the internet. You can find endless articles and videos that will explain how it works and how to make money from it. That’s how we began. We took a couple of courses, read whatever we could about it, and started placing links into our posts.

Weeks later we found ourselves stuttering and frustrated, barely making any sales. Why weren’t we making conversions from our affiliate links?

Enter the Blogging Fast Lane. The course goes several steps further than just explaining how affiliate marketing works. It teaches a formula that builds it into a high-functioning machine – the exact same formula that Anna and Tom have implemented so successfully with Adventure In You.

This might sound like a gimmick, but in practice, it works. The Blogging Fast Lane formula uses funnels and automations to take your readers on a journey, and builds trust along the way so they will have confidence in your recommendations.

Finding the right mindset

In the first few months of starting a blogging business, I experienced many of the problems that are common for aspiring entrepreneurs. Doubts about the validity of what I was doing, bouts of low confidence, and “imposter syndrome”.

I would ask myself questions like “why would anybody listen to what I have to say?” Don’t get me wrong, I always believed in what we were doing with Career Gappers – but it took a lot of work for me to think of it truly as a business.

The Blogging Fast Lane has helped me to develop a positive business mindset. Thanks to this, combined with the systems it has provided, I now have a strategic focus that I was previously lacking.

The course itself features tutorials and advice on mindset, and this is constantly reinforced via the community. Whenever someone gets down or wavers, the group is there to pick them up again.

Blogging success takes time

Like any course, you will only get out of the Blogging Fast Lane what you put into it. Don’t expect it be a silver bullet and bring huge success overnight.

Success with blogging takes time, effort and patience. We’ve learned that the hard way. But if you are willing to invest in the Blogging Fast Lane and put your energy into implementing it, the results will come.

Alex and Lisa blogging in Bethnal Green London
Lisa and me working on the blog over coffees in a London café

2023 update: rebuilding our blogging business after the pandemic

The only thing that has halted our progress with our blog business since joining the Blogging Fast Lane has been the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. After the fantastic initial growth we achieved from the course, we saw a big drop in website traffic from March 2020, because nobody could travel.

Recommending travel experiences in South America was our top source of income for Career Gappers before we were hit by the restrictions and border closures. So, with nobody travelling and borders closed, we had to rethink our way forward.

The Blogging Fast Lane community was so important to us during this time, and the course helped us to reimagine our blogging strategy and bounce ideas among likeminded people.

After revisiting the lessons of the course and continuing to implement its principles, we were able to rebuild our website traffic. And in 2022, our traffic returned to our pre-pandemic levels, exceeding 30,000 page views per month. 

Blogging Fast Lane community support

I highlighted previously in this review how the vibrant community is one of the top benefits of this course. The experiences during the pandemic have shown just how valuable that community can be.

In the earliest stages of restrictions around the world, Anna and Tom hosted a series of special hangouts and Q&A sessions. The idea was to give reassurance and reflection during a difficult moment, but also to discuss how blogs could pivot and adapt. Looking back, these sessions were a key moment in helping us find a new way forward.

The community sessions emboldened us to change up our content plan. After research some new ideas generated through the conversations, we decided to start diversifying our approach away from long-term travel, and to build new content pillars around remote working destinations. This led to our workations campaign, which has helped us to get things moving again, and been feature on Forbes and Authority Magazine.

The blog post challenge that brought us $4,000 in six months

While we were in the process of rebuilding our blog strategy during the pandemic, we were struggling for income in the absence of any travel bookings with the world in lockdown. Once again, we found a lifeline thanks to the Blogging Fast Lane community.

In December 2020, Anna ran a blog post challenge in the community. The idea was to create one highly optimised ‘transactional’ blog post, geared towards making affiliate conversions. When everyone in the Facebook group completed their post, they posted it for feedback.

The post I created for the challenge was focused on selling equipment for remote working. It wasn’t directly travel related, but it linked in neatly with our workations campaign. Anna gave me some feedback and tips on how to improve the post.

The results were remarkable. Within a few weeks of publishing the blog post, it started ranking at number one in Google. And the money started flowing in. $490 in one month, $1,028 the next month, then $932 – all from that one single blog post! Within six months of starting to rank, it brought in over $4,000.

In the 12 months before taking part in the challenge, we made less than $100 over the whole year on Amazon Associates, which hadn’t been a priority for us. But this blog post propelled us to nearly $6,000 from the programme in the year that followed. Amazing!

That extra income gave us a lifeline to pull our way through the pandemic, and even to reinvest in building our workations campaign. All because we took part in a Blogging Fast Lane community challenge. 

Career Gappers 2021 Amazon Associates income
Our Amazon Associates income in 2021 after taking part in a Blogging Fast Lane blog post challenge

Blogging Fast Lane benefits and signup bonus

When you sign up for the Blogging Fast Lane, you gain some excellent extra benefits that go above and beyond what many courses offer. This all comes as part of the package:

  • A free taster training session before you decide to sign up for the full course
  • A 90-day full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results
  • Attentive support via a ticketing system
  • Access to the group’s active Facebook community for support and collaboration
  • Periodic live group Q&A sessions with Anna and Tom

How to get your bonus coaching call and content review

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, if you sign up to the Blogging Fast Lane through our referral link, I will give you a free bonus 30-minute coaching call as well as a content review of your blog site!

Prior to launching a blogging business, I spent most of my career in senior communications roles with a specialism in content development. I have led content strategies for international membership organisations, edited award-winning magazines, and advised a variety of businesses on digital content strategies. You can see my full experience on my LinkedIn profile.

Combined with this, I’ve now spent three years implementing Blogging Fast Lane content techniques – so I can give you valuable feedback and advice on how you can apply them to your blog.

To get your free coaching call and content review, you just need to sign up for the training using the link above, then sign up for the full Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator course, and email a copy of your receipt to me at alex@careergappers.com. Then I’ll follow up with you to make arrangements.

So, what are you waiting for?

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