Imagine your work desk being just a minute’s walk from a long, golden beach on the Mediterranean Sea. That’s exactly what you can expect at CoCowork Alcúdia Beach, a small and friendly coworking space run by local digital entrepreneurs. We took a walk along the seafront to visit this hub for coworking in Alcúdia, one of Mallorca’s most charming old coastal towns.

Whether you are looking for a work desk for just a few days on a workation in Alcúdia or you are staying in Mallorca for the longer term, the coworking space has flexible options and a welcoming crowd. In this review, we meet the founder and take a closer look inside.

We were hosted in Alcúdia with assistance from Ajuntament d’Alcúdia, who arranged accommodation and remunerated us for content production and expenses. We were not paid to feature a specific coworking space; our opinions are our own, and we always give honest travel recommendations.

Coworking in Alcúdia: about CoCowork Alcúdia beach

Alcúdia has all the ingredients for an idyllic remote working retreat. The Mallorcan town is split between a thriving beach port and a historic old citadel just inland. Less busy than the holiday hotspots on the south side of the island, it provides a quieter getaway amid jaw-dropping surroundings, within close reach of Mallorca’s most breathtaking coastal scenery.

This environment has been attracting a growing number of digital nomads to set up office here. But in the aftermath of the pandemic, with travellers slow to find their feet again, many of the coworking spaces around the port had to shut down.

CoCowork Alcúdia Beach first opened its doors in November 2022

November 2022 brought brighter horizons as Verónica and José, a couple of local digital entrepreneurs, opened up a new space at CoCowork Alcúdia Beach. Its location is beautifully secluded, about a half-hour stroll along the seafront from the main port area, and set 50 metres back from the beach along a peaceful, leafy avenue.

José welcomed me to the premises to take a look around.

Reconnecting with a shared workspace environment

The first thing I notice outside CoCowork Alcúdia Beach is the pleasant-looking Mediterranean restaurant next door, called S’oli Verge. “That’s a lovely restaurant,” says José, as he greets me with a handshake. “Our coworkers often go for dinner here after finishing work for the day.”

José, a software developer, founded a tour company called Nativics in 2022, but soon found he would need a base for the business. That’s when he and Verónica had the idea for the coworking space.

“We’re not aiming to make a big profit from the coworking space,” he explains. “We just needed a workspace for our business, and after the experience of working in isolation during the pandemic, we wanted to open it up for others to use.”

Coworking in Alcudia: CoCowork is 50 metres from the beach
CoCowork Alcúdia Beach is next to a restaurant near the seafront

A top-quality setup with a laidback atmosphere

One of the challenges for coworking spaces in the quieter corners of Mallorca’s coast is the availability of wifi, as it can be patchy in spots. But CoCowork Alcúdia Beach is in one of the sweet spots with 1GB fibre broadband, so you can be sure of a strong connection.

While it’s a small coworking space, the facilities are quality. There’s a kitchen for self-catering, and a meeting room that coworkers can use when it’s free. And, importantly for beach-going coworkers, there is a shower as well.

“Many people like to go out for a swim in the morning before starting work, and then they can arrive and use the shower,” says José. What could be a more refreshing way to start the day?

Alcúdia Beach near the coworking space
Alcúdia Beach is 50 metres away from the coworking space

Tall glass windows at the front of the space and a lot of white space in the design ensures there is plenty of brightness, accentuated by interesting colourful art pieces on the walls. It’s a nicely relaxed atmosphere where you won’t find it difficult to focus on the task in hand.

Pets are even allowed in the workspace, which is something you don’t encounter very often. Walking around Alcúdia, you will soon see it’s a dog-friendly destination – they’re everywhere! And there’s even a veterinary clinic right next door to the coworking space.

Flexible desks and a diverse work crowd

José’s background in travel and tourism comes across in the business model at CoCowork Alcúdia Beach, with flexible desk options. You can hire a desk for €24 a day or €90 a week, convenient and affordable if you just need to work a few days while on a workation.

CoCowork Alcúdia Beach white space and artwork
Flexible desks
You can hire desks in the coworking space daily, weekly or monthly

I visit a lot of coworking spaces on my travels, and usually the balance of coworkers is mostly permanent members, perhaps with the odd few nomads passing through. But here, there is a vibrant mix, with about six permanent members and about the same number of short-term coworkers who are stopping by for a while.

One of the permanent members, who works for Greenpeace, had recently become the first person to work a full year at the space when I visited. Other coworkers are in creative fields, for example a content creator who works with local restaurants.

And the flexible desks? “It’s seasonal,” explains José. “We are open all year round, and the flow of coworkers changes depending what’s on at that time of year.”

This diverse and fresh balance of coworkers helps to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You won’t feel like you’re an outsider from the crowd if you work here for a few days. It’s the perfect remote work desk if you are taking a workation in Alcúdia.

Coworking office hours

CoCowork Alcúdia Beach is open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 2pm on Fridays. You can check out their website for full details of rates.

CoCowork Alcúdia Beach lobby area
CoCowork Alcúdia Beach has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere

Have you taken a remote working trip to Mallorca? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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