Palma de Mallorca has developed a thriving coworking culture. Its historic old town, seaside setting and mountain-backed vistas provide enriching surroundings for remote workers, with the city now attracting digital nomads and temporary workationers in droves. A variety of coworking spaces have emerged around the city, each offering a different vibe and style. Like the sound of coworking in Palma? Here we shine a light on two of the city’s best coworking spaces with both day rates and long-term membership options.

Coworking in Palma, Mallorca: a quick background

We spent ten days in Mallorca on a working trip (or a workation as it is also known), with most of our time concentrated in the capital, Palma. It is a compact city with around 400,000 inhabitants, and most of its central points of interest are within close walking distance around the old town.

Palma is the largest city in the Balearic islands and has taken the lead when it comes to remote working. A real feeling of community is growing among coworkers here, and the leisurely Mediterranean pace of life is perfect for making the most of that.

The old town and its surrounding urban areas are where most of Palma’s coworking spaces are concentrated. We took the opportunity to visit some of them during our stay. Two in particular we found most appealing: Palmapolitan and The Hub Mallorca.

Whether you are looking for somewhere with old traditional surroundings or a more modern setting, whether you seek an immersed community or a focused workspace, or whether you want to be at the heart of the city or a little out of the way – you will find what you need in one of these workspaces.

Platja de Can Pere Antoni Palma
Palma de Mallorca is a seaside city and the largest in the Balearics

Coworking spaces in Palma


Situated on the periphery of the old town, Palmapolitan is a coworking space built seamlessly into the iconic century-old Triquet building. Stepping into its lobby you immediately get the sense of a historic townhouse, with its mosaic floors, high ceilings and majestic wooden doorways.

The workspace has been thoughtfully decorated to bring out an atmosphere that inspires creativity. Bright floral artwork is hung on all the walls, and its rooms interspersed with colourful furniture, draped curtains and flowers.

Palmapolitan flowers
The meeting rooms and workspaces at Palmapolitan are decorated in rich colour

Palmapolitan was opened in April 2020 during the early onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pilar, the director, showed me around the space and explained more about the environment she is building there.

Pilar runs several businesses in the city, and so opening a coworking space at such a time was a huge undertaking. But it’s one that she has embraced with passion, positivity and a personal touch. Those colourful artworks on the walls? They were all painted by Pilar and her mother.

Palmapolitan meeting room flipcharts
The artworks on the walls are painted by Pilar and her mother

The space and facilities

Palmapolitan has a variety of workspaces and meeting rooms on its floor of the townhouse, leading off from its central lobby and reception area. There is always somewhere to go if you need to make a private call or take a quick break.

The workdesk areas are fed by natural light pouring in through the tall traditional windows. Two meeting rooms are kitted out with lavish tables, screens, flipcharts and comfy seating.

Coworking in Palma: desks at Palmapolitan
The workdesks benefit from natural light and are equipped with desklamps

A wooden balcony area outside – restored as part of work for the buildings centenary a few years ago – makes an ideal quick escape for a cigarette, conversation or just quietly pondering with a view down onto the city streets.

The kitchen and adjoined dining area make for a cosy space to hang out over lunch or a coffee break. Coworkers can enjoy fast wifi as well as free tea and coffee, and the bathroom facilities wouldn’t look out of place in a five-star hotel.

Palmapolitan terrace area
The balcony terrace area is ideal for taking a quick mindful break

Community and comfort

For Pilar, the people are the most important thing when it comes to cultivating a positive atmosphere at Palmapolitan. She sees it as a chance to recapture that sense of a sociable working community that was lost during the pandemic.

“We miss having people around us, to be able to have a conversation over a coffee break,” she says. “We want to keep the feeling of comfort that you have at home, but also have inspiring people to work with. The atmosphere and the energy of this place are very important.”

The community at Palmapolitan is a mixture of long-term and short-term remote workers, and so Pilar strives to cater for both.

“There is a balance between them – an equilibrium,” she explains. “People tend to extend their holidays to stay and work for a while,” she says, pointing out an increase in workation visitors since lockdowns.

“A man from Scotland came on holiday. His plan was only to come for a week. He decided to stay for a month and a half! There have been so many stories like this.”

Coworking in Palma: Palmapolitan lobby
Pilar is building a coworking space that is all about the people and the energy they bring

Despite everything that has happened in the world, Pilar has been able to stay positive, and is focused on making the most of the shift in remote working culture.

“I’ve never been so creative,” she says. “I created two companies after the pandemic. “My mind doesn’t focus on the illness, but all the positive things we’ve got after the pandemic. I’m meeting amazing people who are doing amazing things.”

Palmapolitan prices

Palmapolitan offers a range of rates for different types of remote worker:

  • Day rate: €20
  • Week rate: €80
  • Flex 100h: €180 per month
  • Hotdesk: €250 per month
  • Fixdesk: €350 per month

You can find out more on the Palmapolitan website.

The HUB Mallorca

If you want to find a coworking space in Palma that is a set away from the bustle of the old town but still just a short walk away, The HUB Mallorca fits the bill.

The walk to The HUB Mallorca takes about ten minutes or so after crossing over Torrent de Sa Riera, the 400-year-old picturesque canal on the west side of the old town.

Windmills in Palma
Old windmills on the walk between The HUB Mallorca and Palma’s old town

A couple of things struck me on the walk towards The HUB Mallorca. First, the interesting features I passed on the way, such as a row of tall windmills and a brightly-coloured drinking establishment called The Intergalactic Bar, which looked like a surefire option for a good night out!

Second, the fact that the further away I got from the old town, the cheaper and more authentic the cafés and eateries became. Just a couple doors down from The HUB Mallorca I noticed a place called Bar Cafetería crammed with locals out for lunch, always a good sign of its quality. I could imagine enjoying a lunch in this kind of place while in the area.

Coworking in Palma: The HUB Mallorca
The HUB Mallorca is located about a ten-minute walk from the edge of the old town

Finding focus

The HUB Mallorca has a more modern and minimalistic style. The walls and columns are painted bright white, which bounces the natural light that pours through the tall front windows around the whole interior. Framed playful quotes are dotted here and there, set in white letters against a bold gradient of colours.

The Hub Mallorca reception
The spacious reception area at The Hub Mallorca

The workdesks and reception area are scattered with potted and hanging plants, which enhances the working environment. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown the benefit of having plants in the office, such as reducing stress, increasing productivity and reducing noise levels by absorbing sound.

And it is the peacefulness that struck me about The Hub Mallorca. It’s somewhere I feel I could always find focus to get work done, thanks to the serenity both inside and outside.

Al Aldridge, who is managing director at The HUB Mallorca, is upbeat about the future despite the current challenges.

“Even in these tough times, we want to offer a safe environment and provide a really good service to our coworkers and any visitor coming to our space,” he told us. “We are really looking forward to meeting new people in 2022, improving our space and collaborating to create our own HUB projects.”

The HUB Mallorca workspace Palma
The work area at The HUB Mallorca has a white space design strewn with plants

The workdesks and facilities

Most of the workdesks at The Hub Mallorca are set in a big open-plan space downstairs, with an additional space at the top of a staircase, still within the same open complex.

Everything is under the same high ceiling, but noise doesn’t seem to carry. Everyone is respectful. The large wooden workdesks are each fitted with a desklamp, and sofas are also dotted around the building.

And of course, it comes with all of the basic amenities you need for a productive working day – strong wifi, printing and scanning facilities, and complimentary tea, coffee and water.

Upstairs workdesks at The Hub Mallorca
Upstairs workdesks at The Hub Mallorca

At the top of the stairs there is a cool little phone booth room that can be used when you need to make a call in private. This is a feature that coworking spaces are increasingly offering.

Further features downstairs include a long meeting table at the back of the open space, as well as a private meeting room and a well equipped kitchen.

The whole place has an air of professionalism and quality. It’s a great spot to set up your remote office in a quiet area while still being within touching distance of everything Palma has to offer.

The HUB Mallorca prices

Day passes are available at The HUB Mallorca for €20 + IVA, while week passes are €90 + IVA. Each require a one-off €12 registration fee.  For more information on full-time and flexible desks, check out The Hub Mallorca website.

Making Palma your base for a workation

The coworking infrastructure in Palma makes it the perfect base for a remote working getaway on the island. The city is also extremely well connected and has a range of great accommodation options for working trips.

Our guide to taking a workation in Mallorca explains everything you need to know to start planning. 

Map of coworking spaces in Palma

You can see the locations of Palmapolitan and The HUB Mallorca by clicking the map below:

Have you spent time coworking in Palma? Let us know about your experience in the comments below. Check out our guide to the best things to do in Palma, Mallorca for ideas on how to spend your time in the city.

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