Malta is a remote worker’s paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean. The small island nation has one of the warmest climates in Europe and provides captivating surroundings for working, with picturesque towns dotted along its azure coastline and cosy villages nestled inland among green countryside. Combine this with the range of vibrant, modern coworking spaces that have emerged, many with day rates, and you can see why people with flexible post-pandemic work arrangements are turning here to set up office. We visited some of the best coworking spaces in Malta to check them out, and here’s what we found.

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Coworking in Malta: an overview

The “work hard, play hard” way of life in Malta lends itself perfectly to remote working. With more public holidays than any other EU country, Malta has a great approach to work–life balance.

People know how to enjoy themselves in Malta, and also how to get the job done. It is simultaneously one of the happiest and one of the most productive countries in the world.

Coworking culture has really taken off in Malta thanks to this environment, along with its excellent infrastructure, beautiful surroundings and great weather all year round.

As well as being the sunniest destination in Europe with over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, there is a tremendous amount to see and do while you are here. If you are planning a trip yourself, you can explore some ideas in our Malta 3 day itinerary and guide to visiting Malta in winter.

Coworking spaces in Malta on the rise

With fewer than half a million people living across its islands, Malta is one of the least populous countries in Europe. You will find towns and villages scattered all over, but much of the population is concentrated in the areas around the capital, Valletta, on the north-east of the main island.

Naturally, this is also where many of the coworking spaces in Malta have been opening up in recent years. The popular neighbourhoods of Sliema, Gzira and St Julian’s are the epicentre of the coworking scene, but there are also many new spaces appearing in more remote locations.

Malta was already ahead of the curve on remote working before Covid struck, and it has been quick to innovate in the post-pandemic world as well. When visiting various coworking spaces in Malta I was impressed by the range of innovative settings and the bright ideas that had been implemented to create an engaging work environment. 

In comparison to other destinations where I have seen shared office spaces, something that stood out to me in Malta was how many are utlising outdoor settings as part of the coworking environment. From rooftop decks to terraces to balconies with a view, coworking spaces in Malta are making the very best of the pleasant climate to integrate it into the workspace.

Coworking spaces in Malta have also been among the quickest to introduce greater flexibility, with different membership structures and options for daily and weekly rates. On a recent trip, when I took a workation at the Hilton Malta, it was great to have the option to switch up my surroundings and try somewhere different nearby. 

Coworking spaces in Malta: six of the best

During my workation in Malta I took the opportunity to visit various different coworking spaces in Malta, each of which offered a different creative setting, and every one of them compelling in its own way. 

I was welcomed with a smile wherever I went, both by the space owners and people in the coworking community. This gave me the sense that shared office spaces in Malta are positive places to work.

The coworking spaces I visited were mostly around the hotspot areas of the main island, but I also journeyed out to see some alternative coworking settings in more off-the-beaten-path areas.

So, here are my thoughts and reactions on the six coworking spaces in Malta that we think you’ll love.

SC-Coliving, St Julian’s

SC Coliving Malta swimming pool coworking

Coliving is a trend that is fast emerging on the coat-tails of the remote working revolution. SC-Coliving in Malta is the perfect example; this unique, all-in-one facility in St Julian’s offers a seamless blend of work, leisure, and convenience.

By combining the best of coliving and coworking into a single campus, SC-Coliving has created a tailor-made workation destination.

Picture the scene: you immerse yourself in vibrant surroundings, where your workspace is just a few steps away from your cosy accommodation, equipped with high-speed internet to fuel your productivity.

The location is ideal. SC-Coliving is just a 10-minute walk from the beach, where you can find a tranquil backdrop for relaxation and inspiration.

Amenities on the campus stretch beyond what you need for work. There’s an on-site restaurant, a volleyball court and swimming pool, so you can reinvigorate with exercise, connect with other coworkers and treat yourself to some great local food outside of work hours.

The setup works whether you are a digital nomad seeking a long-term coworking and coliving option, or just looking for a temporary workation spot. You can choose from daily, monthly or extended passes with the added benefit of a 20% discount for longer durations.

Workspaces are fitted with high-speed internet access, air conditioning and audiovisual rooms, and there’s a choice of private or shared offices for individual work or networking opportunities. You can also hold collaborative sessions or host presentations in conference rooms.

What about the accommodation? There are three distinct types within the campus tailored to suit individual needs and budget: standard, comfort and studio apartments.

If you prefer a more social experience and enjoy interacting with fellow coworkers from around the world, rooms with shared kitchens are available, opening the opportunity for communal cooking.

Whichever you choose, all accommodation options include modern amenities such as air conditioning, regular cleaning service and a phone.

The campus at SC-Coliving strikes a great balance between creating a conducive work environment with all the necessary resources for you to thrive in your remote work endeavours, complemented by the wellness and restorative qualities of a setting that enable you to refresh and recharge outside of work hours, all while being part of a community.

In short, whether you want maximise your productivity or simply unwind after a day’s work, this innovative campus has all the ingredients for a fulfilling workation experience.

SOHO The Strand, Gzira

Soho Malta Gzira coworking bar

First conceptualised nearly a decade ago, SOHO has flourished into a coworking community with three different spaces in Malta. I took a tour of its flagship space in the emerging business district of The Strand in the Gzira neighbourhood.

I was welcomed to the space and shown around by Louise, the office manager, who is part of the friendly team at SOHO. This is one of Malta’s most sizeable coworking complexes, and the range of facilities on site is extensive.

SOHO The Strand is set across several floors of a building and makes great use of every inch of that space. The funkiest area is a lounge bar, where you can relax and chat with other coworkers or get some work done over an expertly made drink. The lounge spills out onto a outdoor terraced bar area with more seating.

This is a neat environment to chill out and escape from the regular desk view whenever you need it. The lounge also doubles up as a space for special talks and live entertainment, bringing regular inspiration and more ways to connect with the community.

The main coworking area is set a couple of floors higher. There is an open-plan hot-desking space that faces onto a communal kitchen, with high ceilings and white decor bringing a bright, airy feel. A circular corridor leads around to several private offices and meeting rooms.

Other features around the complex provide many ways to wind down after work or get energised at the beginning of the day. There is a gym with boxing facilities, a sauna, a shower, and upstairs there is even a ‘vanity room’ – a dedicated ladies’ beauty room. 

Dedicated desk spaces at SOHO The Strand begin at €325 per month, and you can also rent a workspace by the day for €30. Membership gives you access to the other SOHO sites at St Julian’s and Savoy Gardens.

Our recommended place to stay nearby: Walter’s B&B, a homely guesthouse and hostel in an old townhouse just 5 minutes’ walk from SOHO The Strand.

230 Works, Mosta

230 Works coworking Malta

230 Works is without a doubt one of the most visually impressive coworking spaces in Malta. The architectural firm that created the design, Archi+, has been recognised for its work with a prestigious award.

This space is situated a little off the beaten path in Mosta, around 9 kilometres or a half-hour bus ride away from Valletta. The quieter, suburban setting makes it a great place to find focus, with hardly a tourist in site.

The space is sharp and colourful, and does not waste a single niche or corner. A soft pastel pink and blue scheme accentuated with a bold yellow is both calming and inspiring in equal measure.

It’s not just good to look at; the working facilities are fantastic too. I was shown around the premises by the sales and marketing manager, Claude, and he was clearly proud of the space that has been created at 230 Works.

You enter 230 Works through a café, which is part of the complex but also open to the public. Food and drink is supplied by the local chain Eeetwell; I enjoyed a refreshing iced latte before taking a look around inside. You can also plug in here, so it doubles up as a great spot for a working lunch.

The main coworking area is mostly open-plan. It is not a huge space, but the layout has been expertly designed to make optimal use of it. Desks are nicely spaced out; there are quirky box-shelves with an upcycled feel, and separate booths and meeting rooms at either side when you need to privacy.

Towards the back of the building, the space opens out into a plenary area with a stage and some tables, where events and talks are held. A new diving door has also been constructed between the café and workspace, to ensure the working environment is quiet and focused.

What makes 230 Works even more compelling is the pricing and structure. Rather than being based on memberships, it is geared heavily towards flexibility, with hot desks and booths available by the hour or the day. I couldn’t find any other coworking space in Malta offering an hourly rate!

Claude tells me that while many people who use 230 Works are locals or students, there is a growing amount of remote workers visiting from further afield. This does not surprise me, as it is the perfect flexible environment for travellers stopping by on a short trip.

Hot desks are €5 by the hour or €15 for a full day, which is incredible value. For students it’s even cheaper, with a €2.50 hourly and €10 daily rate.

Our recommended place to stay nearby: Julina Boutique Living, a gorgeous traditional boutique hotel around ten minutes’ walk from 230 Works.

The Hub Workspace, San Gwann

Coworking spaces in Malta: the Hub Workspace

Not many coworking spaces have an open-air rooftop area where you can sit outside and work or socialise with views over the surrounding neighbourhood. 

That’s what you will find at The Hub Workspace, a stylish coworking space in San Gwann, a small town on the outskirts of the St Julian’s neighbourhood.

While St Julian’s is known to be one of Malta’s liveliest areas, The Hub Malta is situated a little away from the hubbub, and so it provides a quiet coworking environment while not being too far away from shops, bars and attractions.

Graziella, the office administrator, welcomed me upon arrival and introduced me to the space. As a photography enthusiast in her spare time (see her photos on her Instagram account @gra_zi3lla), she tells me how it’s nice to work in such a creative environment.

The standout part of The Hub Workspace is up on the top floor. Here, a relaxed lounge area with colourful decor opens out with floor-to-ceiling windows onto a terrace area, which seems to lift above the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. You can imagine bringing your laptop out here on a sunny day, or capturing the fresh air over a break or lunch. 

Downstairs in the building, a hot-desking room has an altogether more subtle vibe. Sheer white walls and desks create a peaceful environment for working, with large windows looking out onto the residential area outside from ground level. It feels as though you are part of the neighbourhood, and so it’s easy to feel at home working here.

There are more features integrated into the building, including a kitchen and shower, plus all the office facilities you need to get the job done. Hot-desking rates at The Hub Workspace begin at €20 per day and €300 per month.

Our recommended place to stay nearby: CARO Boutique Guest House, love spot in a quiet neighbourhood for a workation stay, a minute’s walk from the space.

Glashaus, Gzira

Coworking spaces in Malta: Glashaus

Glashaus has one of the best locations among the coworking spaces I visited in Malta. Set on an upper floor of a four-storey Maltese building, it looks directly out onto the seafront in Gzira. 

A balcony at the front of the space gives you unparalleled access to this view, facing onto Manoel Island and the marina. It’s a lovely space to take a scenic break, or even bring your laptop outside for a while.

Glashaus is open 24/7 for coworkers, so if you are an early riser, you can come and catch the sunset from the east-facing balcony before you start the day. 

Nicole, the marketing and administration manager at Glashaus, showed me around the space. It is a cosy and intimate setting inside with just a small number of desks, but everything is still nicely spaced out so you don’t feel crowded. It feels like a friendly community environment.

You can make use of a range of office facilities across the space, including a kitchen, meeting room, computer equipment and printing. Free parking is also available outside.

The setting on the Gzira promenade means you are also within close reach of many shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, as well as transport connections to get around the island. The capital, Valletta, is just a 15-minute bus ride away.

Glashaus has a very simple pricing system, with coworking hot-desks available for €25 per day, €100 per week or €250 per month (prices excluding VAT).

Our recommended place to stay nearby: Chapter 5 Hotel, a bright, modern hotel about ten minutes’ walk from Glashaus by Msida Yacht Marina.

Sixteen Co Working, Marsa

Coworking spaces in Malta: Sixteen

Sixteen Co Working is the kind of coworking space we love, because it has a complete focus on community and innovation. The founder, David Seisun – who took the time to personally introduced me to the space – wanted to create a place where people can find energy and inspiration. His passion for the concept is clear to see, and will resonate with anyone who comes to work here.

Located in the Marsa district, about 3 kilometres outside Valletta, Sixteen Co Working is close to beauty locations like the Grand Harbour, but is far enough out of the way to be a peaceful working place.

The streets around the space are lined with characterful old townhouses, but once you enter the building and ride the lift up into the coworking area you step into a very modern vibe. The colour scheme is sharp and exudes energy, while green plants are integrated tastefully into the layout to bring a touch of nature. 

The space at Sixteen Co Working is a blend of open-plan and privacy. There is a vibrant communal area where you will cross paths with local creatives and entrepreneurs, while dedicated meeting rooms and booths are fitted around the perimeter of the space. 

Ceiling-high windows face out onto the streets below and park opposite, drawing a flow of natural light into the space that reverberates around. The constant daylight really accentuates the positive energy of the space design.

In the social area at the centre of the space, you can grab a table or sit up on the bench looking directly out of the window for the view. Furthermore, the facilities are top-notch, with ultra-fast wifi and everything else you could possibly need in an office. As an added bonus, it is also pet-friendly!

Altogether, Sixteen Co Working is a creative space that is especially well geared towards startups and entrepreneurs who want to make connections and collaborate with likeminded people.

Sixteen Co Working has one of the best prices you will find anywhere in Malta for monthly memberships, at €177 per month, while day rates are €17.70 off-peak or €29.50 peak, with more flexible options available. Even better, the team is offering our readers an exclusive discount of 10%, which you can access when you sign up using this link.

Our recommended place to stay nearby: Central 214 Boutique Hotel, a quaint, homely B&B within walking distance of both Sixteen Co Working and Valletta.

Coworking space in Malta: map

You can see the locations of the coworking spaces in Malta covered in this article using the map below:

Planning to explore the capital city while you’re in Malta? See our recommendations on the best things to do in Valletta.

Have you worked remotely in Malta? Let us know in the comments below if you have tried any coworking spaces.

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