Meet Alex and Lisa

We are a 30-something couple who saved for years to take a one-year career break and travel the world.

We are Alex and Lisa, the faces behind Career Gappers. In 2017, at the ages of 34 and 31, we left our comfortable London jobs to travel the world.

Our career break travel adventure has transformed our lives, and now we want to help other people to do the same.

Through Career Gappers we share the secrets of how we did it, including saving, planning, budgeting, and managing our careers and relationships in the meantime.

Alex Trembath

  • Age: 35
  • Countries visited: 46
  • Blogging focus: destinations, itineraries, travel money
  • Specialisms: strategy, content creation, SEO, project management

Alex has been working full-time on Career Gappers since May 2018. He has over ten years’ experience in a variety of communications management roles.

His positions have included head of communications at an international non-profit organisation, editor of the national magazine for one of the UK’s biggest membership organisations, and project management in a digital marketing agency.

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Lisa Pool

Lisa Pool Career Gappers cycling Death Road Bolivia

  • Age: 32
  • Countries visited: 26
  • Blogging focus: career break advice, travel lifestyle
  • Specialisms: strategy, problem-solving, design, photography, social media

Lisa works full-time in communications for a major UK charity, and contributes to Career Gappers in her spare time. She has ten years of communications experience and specialises in delivering transformational change in low-to-medium performing organisations.

In the job prior to her travel career break, she led a communications turnaround that resulted in a number of awards.

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