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We can show you how.

Have you noticed that the best ideas happen when you step back and reflect? Taking a career break or sabbatical from work can lead to lasting, positive transformations in your life and career.

Whether you dream of taking time out to travel, volunteer for a great cause, learn new skills, write that book, or simply spend time with people you love, a career break can change your life.

In our ebook, How to Take a Year Off Work (and Open New Doors for Your Future), we show you how it can be done.

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But what do we know?

We know the benefits of taking a career break because we did it ourselves. Our year off work empowered us to make impactful lifestyle changes.

We are Alex and Lisa, founders of Career Gappers, and we have been building a community and inspiring people to take career breaks since 2018.

This ebook brings together the knowledge we have built along the way, and case studies of many others who have reshaped their lives after a career break.


⇨ Show you the long-term benefits of taking a career break

⇨ Provide inspiration for how you could use the time, with case studies of successful career breakers

⇨ Break down the barriers to taking a career break and how they can be overcome

⇨ Help you create a manageable saving strategy and plan for your career break

⇨ Explain how to negotiate sabbatical leave from work, with insights from business leaders

⇨ Show how to transform your career and lifestyle after your break

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Buy How to Take a Year Off Work today and you will also receive:

A personal career break workbook with step-by-step exercises for making the most of your time out.

A sabbatical negotiation cheatsheet, featuring the 10 most common concerns that bosses have when asked for sabbatical leave, and how you can answer them.

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isn’t it too risky?

Every decision in life has risks involved. Often, the risks of taking a career break are actually smaller than the risks of continuing on the same path.

People who take sabbaticals from work can gain a vast range of benefits, including improved wellbeing and better long-term career outcomes.

Is this still true at a time of economic uncertainty? This could be the best time of all to do it. When the world is in transition, pausing to reflect and learn can set you on a brighter course for a changed future.

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