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Wanna know what we use to take all the lovely pictures on this site and write all the wonderful words? Look inside our electronics kitbag...

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Cameras and accessories

Recommended resources electronics and gadgets cameras

We’ve had a bit of a wild ride on our travels with cameras, having gone through quite a few after various robberies and incidents. Of those we’ve used along the way, these are the ones we most recommend.


Most recently we have been using the Nikon D5600, and we love it. Replacing the D5500 (which we’ve also used on our travels), as a mid-range DSLR it caters for beginners and more advanced photographers alike. The image quality is excellent (as we hope you can see on this site!), and the touchscreen interface is powerful and easy to use.

When we first set off on our travel career break, Lisa was using the Nikon D3300, essentially a more basic version of the D5600 geared towards beginners. The images are still great and so it’s excellent value, and comes with some cool accessories. It has since been replaced by the D3400, which has some additional features. These are both fantastic entry-level DLSR cameras.

Alex started out with the Sony DSCHX60 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera. Cheaper than the DSLRs, this was a great alternative and much easier to carry around. With 30x optimal zoom it gets even closer than the standard Nikon lenses, and the image quality is great too.


Our Nikon cameras all came with AF-P 18-55mm VR lenses. For the D5600 we also invested in a Nikkor 70-300 mm zoom lens. We’ve loved this little toy, and it’s enabled us to capture some great sights from afar that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.


A tripod can be a bit cumbersome to lug around on travels, but as Lisa loves taking pictures of the night skies, it’s a mandatory requirement for us. She uses the Manfrotto Compact Light Tripod, which has proved to be reliable, versatile and compact for portability.

Laptops and accessories

Recommended resources electronics and gadgets laptops

Our laptop life has followed a similar arc to our cameras, with a robbery causing us a big setback in September 2017.

These days we are completely converted to the MacBook Pro. Alex uses the new 2017 model with touch bar and touch ID, 2.3GHz Processor and 256GB Storage. It’s amazing for that heavy photo and video editing we need to do as travel bloggers, and Macbooks go on for years and years.

In the aftermath of the robbery we couldn’t afford to be splashing out on Macbooks though, and as an interim measure we bought an Acer Aspire 14″ Laptop. It’s obviously not on the same level as a Macbook, but it saw us through eight months of our journey and enabled us to keep blogging on the way.


Recommended resources electronics and gadgets phones

We can’t speak highly enough of the Three network; it’s been an ongoing source of reliability wherever we’ve been. The Three ‘feel at home’ scheme is brilliant for travellers from the UK, as it means you can use your phone in 71 countries for the same rates as if you were in the UK.

We’ve both recently invested in Huawei phones: Alex the P20 and Lisa the Honor 10. So far they’ve been great, and we particularly love the powerful cameras for capturing those travel moments.


Recommended resources electronics and gadgets Kindle

Every traveller should have a Kindle. There’s no better way to while away those long bus journeys than getting lost in a great book. Lisa just got the Kindle E-Reader, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, which is great value for £59.99.